About Me

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First and foremost, I am a follower of Jesus, and for me being a midwife is not just my job, it is my life’s work…..my ministry! I am a wife and a mommy! I can’t even begin to express just how much I am in love with my husband! He is simply the best husband a girl could hope for! He is an amazing father to our two precious girls, and is such a good sport, having to live his life swimming in an ocean of estrogen! Three sisters….a wife (who is a midwife no less)…….and 2 daughters! Hey at least his dog is a boy! Needless to say he is quite the understanding guy when it comes to the female kind! God paired us together perfectly.

When I am not doing my ministry work of being a Midwife, there are all kinds of things that I like to do! I love my Church, and try to spend as much time there as I can, helping out with the youth ministry and just enjoying being with my church family! I love, love, love spending quality time with my girls, shopping, watching movies, or just hanging out! They are so much fun! I love to crochet to help unwind and relax. My favorite things to make are baby blankets and hats! It has been so much fun making gifts for friends and family!

I graduated Nursing School from Florida Gulf Coast University in Ft Myers, Fl in 2001. Immediately out of nursing school I began working as an RN in Labor and Delivery. After my own birth experiences that left me feeling disappointed and sad, and learning more about normal birth, I began to come to the realization that I was being called to be a midwife. I graduated from Frontier School of Midwifery and Family Nursing in 2009. My midwifery career began with a great practice! I spent almost 3 years with Cartersville OB/GYN. I had great support from the Dr’s that I worked with there. They were on board with normalizing birth, and even encouraging and supporting me in getting the hospital to offer water birth as an option. Unfortunately, that didn’t work out with the hospital. Fortunate for me though, a position closer to home than Cartersville became available, and it was at North Fulton Hospital, which is one of the only two hospitals to offer water birth in the Atlanta area!

I was so excited to join the Providence Women’s Healthcare team in Roswell Ga, and I love being a part of an awesome group of Midwives and Doctors that believe that birth is NORMAL! I believe that birth is NORMAL! So many women just don’t even realize what a GREAT and EMPOWERING experience it can be for them! It is my mission, my purpose to help educate as many women as I can, so that they can have the best possible birth experience, one that they feel is right for them. I am excited to offer expectant parents classes in HypnoBirthing, which I believe is instrumental in helping women to achieve the birth that they envision. I love helping families! I love helping people! There is so much joy in what I do!

Check out my practice websites for more information if you are interested in exploring my practice as an option for you!

Providence Midwifery

Providence Women’s Healthcare



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